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RC Radio Network Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is RC Radio Network and how do I contact you?
We are a bunch of RC Industry professionals and Radio control airplane pilots and car and truck drivers who love music and want to contribute to our community. For more information about RC Radio Network visit the about us page. We love to hear from our listeners and to contact us visit the Feedback page.
Why are you asking for donations?
A great question with a simple answer; we need to fund this operation and want to bring you tons of great programming. Now we know that money does not grow on trees so we don't ask for a lot but we hope you like what you are hearing and will throw us a bone every now and then to support the effort. Only donate if you think the programming is worth it and if you don't think the station is worth supporting our guess is that you will not be listening. Please let us know either way because we love to hear from listeners.
Is the RC Radio Network A Non-Profit Foundation?
We wish but no we are not. We are a for-profit business (even though we are far from profitable), and as such don't qualify for the 501(c)(3) status. We will assure you however that there are no salaries being paid and that our primary goal is to bring you quality programming including music with fun and informative guest during our live broadcast segments. The RC Radio Network is a full-time job (actually several), so we run it just like any other business - paying state and local income taxes, as well as investing in equipment and services to keep the business going.
Are you Scamming Us?
Are you kidding? We are listener supported, we ask for donations and it's hard to believe a business based on asking you to pay what you think the service you receive is worth could be considered a scam. Please donate but please feel free to adjust your contribution based on the value you believe you are receiving. Our business model is unique and it is a gamble (some of our friends said Cliff was crazy to build this station at all). Normally businesses assign a price to a particular product or service but all we're asking you to do is listen in for free and evaluate what you think our service is worth to you.
Isn't Internet Radio Pretty Cheap To Run?
It is possible to start an Internet radio station (a hobby), using just a home computer, a few MP3 files, and a cheap DSL connection, that's not how we are doing things. We use professional audio equipment and computer automation software. We have invested in redundant systems and powerful internet connections to reduce any downtime or outages. We own, maintain, and upgrade all of our own servers and equipment. In addition, we pay for all of the music you are hearing (lots of CD's) and pay a significant (and I mean significant) amount of money in royalty fees to music copyright holders. Also to accommodate our thousands of listeners our monthly bandwidth fees are very hefty. RCRN is no cheap operation.
How do the artists you play get paid?
We pay fees to the industry groups ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC (who represent songwriters & publishers) in very much the same way that an FM station does. These fees are distributed to songwriters & publishers based on periodic airplay surveys & reports. In addition, Internet radio stations are subject to additional copyright fees (performance royalties), paid to yet another industry group called Sound Exchange. They represent performers and record companies - mostly the latter, since they are a de-facto arm of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). RC Radio Network pays a surprisingly hefty fee each year, which is distributed to artists and record labels. FM & AM Broadcast stations in the US are not required to pay performance royalties at all (though they do in Europe & elsewhere). Satellite broadcasters pay them, but at a significantly lower rate than Internet stations like us. Due primarily to our lack of clout with the US Congress and the Copyright Office, legally operated Internet stations pay the highest royalty rates - by far - of any class of broadcaster in the US.
When I click the listen links my computer asks if I want to download a file.
This means that you don't have the player software installed. Click our launch player icon for the best results.
How do I get the player(s)?
To listen to our webcasts, we recommend that you just click the "Launch Player" link on the top left of our home page. We also support the following players. Windows Media Player or RealPlayer will work in many cases (see below), but we think you'll like oour player better:
  • Windows: WinAmp?
  • MacOS X (or 9): iTunes
  • Linux/Unix: XMMS
  • Linux KDE Desktop: amaroK
  • Multiple Platforms (incl. Linux & Mac): VLC
I want to use Winamp, but my work network won't let me install it.
Good question. Many work networks are locked down but in most cases you can copy Winamp to a USB flash drive at home, and then plug that drive into your work computer. Here's how to do it:
  1. At home, copy the folder C:/Program Files/Winamp to your USB drive.
  2. At work, plug in the drive, open the Winamp folder, and click the file "winamp.exe".
  3. Press Ctrl-L (or select "Play" -> "Location" from the Winamp menu) and enter this address:
That should start the stream. DO NOT copy the Winamp folder onto your work hard drive. This will violate your IT department's regulations about installing unauthorized software. Those regulations are there for a reason. However, the above method should not compromise your work system in any way. Again the best way is to just launch our player from the home page.
I've loaded WINAMP, but RealPlayer keeps opening when I click the MP3 links
On RealPlayer, go to 'View' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Upgrade'. At the bottom of that box, under 'Media Types', ?click the 'Re-associate' button. Un-check the boxes marked 'Mpeg Audio' and 'MP3 Playlists'. Click 'OK' twice & you're done.
The sound is distorted. It sounds like your level is too high.
Our guess is that you're using Winamp, and you have one or more of the EQ sliders turned up fairly high? Try turning the EQ off. The problem will most likely disappear. If you really need radical EQ settings, turn down the 'Preamp' slider (next to the EQ) to compensate. If you have EQ-related distortion in other players that lack a 'Preamp' control, try turning the sliders for the frequency bands that you don't want emphasized down instead of turning up the ones you do want more of. It accomplishes the same thing. Again the best way is to just launch our player from the home page.
Does the RC Radio Network offer a Podcast?
Yes and No. Unfortunately, copyright regulations prevent us from doing a podcast of the live music streams we play. We do offer a podcast of all of our live and educational programs. We encourage you to listen in live and to participate but if you miss a show the pod cast is the way to go.
Do you allow downloading of songs?
No. But you can buy a lot of what we play by clicking on the CD cover when it is playing. This will give you the option to get the CD or just the individual MP3. Please be sure to use one of our links (like the one on our front page) when you do, so that we get a commission. Every little bit helps support the station.
Is RCRN available on either XM or Sirius satellite radio?
Not yet, we are watching the satellite situation and if it changes, we'll be ready to talk to them (as long as we can retain our independence & creative control) but the short answer is No, we're not. Both US satellite radio companies (actually they are now combined) are very committed to doing their own programming. They are not carrying any "outside" programming.
Will you play my request?
Sure but here's the deal:
  1. At any given time, we have thousands of folks listening and that means that we get a steady flow of requests, and the only way we could accommodate a reasonable percentage of them would be to do an "all-request" format - which is just not what we are about.
  2. Keep in mind that a request you make at 9pm or 3am your time might not be our time (we are on the east coast of the USA). Unless we see a request that strikes a "wow - we haven't played that for ages, that'd be cool" chord, it probably won't be played for a bit.
  3. During most of the day, we're playing music sets that have been previously assembled. We're very careful about the flow of the music from one song to another, and it's not always possible to fit requests into that flow.
Even if we don't play your request, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have an impact. If we see a pattern of requests for a particular song from a variety of different listeners, that will tend to give it a heavier weight in our rotation schedule (that means we will play it more often).
I am an independent Artist, can I send you my CD?
Sure you can and we always love new music to review. Be sure to include a note with the CD and pick the best couple of tracks for us to review. This will let us get to it quickly You can mail CDs to: RC Radio Network
6110 Parkway North Dr
Cumming Ga 30040

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