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RC Radio Live
Interactive Talk Radio for Hobbyists

24 hour a day Music and a bi-weekly broadcast called "Air Show" the internets premiere, live, interactive RC show where you are part of the show via interactive chats, phone calls, and multimedia visuals. Air Show host interesting guests from all over the world and they are here to meet you personally. Listen in and be a part of the action. See the Show Schedule page for info.

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Listener Comments

I guess I have been under a rock or something. I have recently been turned on to RC Network and now addicted to this like most are to Facebook!! I love the music choices and wide range of genres and styles. I listen at work now and do enjoy listening and watching the past shows too. This is one of the greatest things to come along for the RC sport and hobby. Absolutely love it. Keep it going!! Thanks Phillip Chessor
July 27, 2012, 1:03 am

From Dave
I have been listening since the first of the year and I have got to say that your music selection is very ecklectic. I makes my work day past quickly. Thanks for making my day

Great show tonight! You did a great job of leading the conversations and especially at asking all the questions that we want answered; you nailed it. Thanks for the obvious prep work that you did for this. Good seeing you guys at Perry too... beers together at the bar in Longhorns. Keep up the good work. Bill Kline 03/05/13

Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm y'all put into this hobby!
1/6/2012 6:40 AM

Just to say i hope you continue airshow. and also that kids are the future of the hobby.would like to see more builders on your show. they are quickly fading with arfs taking over and are so valuable to all in the hobby. thanks to all of you for airshow and great music.
1/5/2012 11:22 PM

From Randy
I was listening to the latest Airshow podcast during my commute to work yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to hear you talk about our CAM altitude limiter. Thank you very much for the mention. It was nice to hear the ALES soaring format being discussed on your program.

I haven't been able to see your show for several weeks, but on 2=19 I saw it was was so pleased to view it in HD. Great improvement! Keep up the nice work.
Dawson Gillaspy02/21/13

Due to your show my wife always knows I'll be home on Tuesday nights. She is most thankful but thinks I'm a nerd. Of course it's true but I'm ok with that.
1/3/2012 9:03 PM

Great show and website, this is the only RC show that I would be willing to pay a subscription for, keep up the good work.
12/6/2011 11:06 PM

AirShow is an ambitious project that is already in my opinion better than any of the RC podcasts out there today.
1/9/2012 8:53 PM

Rich Hanson
Thanks for having us on the show. We always enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to update and inform your listeners on the issues facing the MA and recreational UAS community. Thanks for all you're doing to make this hobby enjoyable and in keeping the community informed. Br>03/08/13

AirShow has the feeling of a world-wide club meeting.
12/14/2011 5:30 PM

Keep up the good job i tell a lot of people about this site for music
1/4/2012 4:49 PM

Thanks for the fun podcast. I love to hear about the new products, what other fliers are up to and general news. I hope your new studio turns out great and you have a great 2012.
1/3/2012 1:20 PM

Cliff and the crew do a wonderful job putting this show on. The amount of equipment and technical expertise needed to get audio, video, chat, phone lines, etc up and working together is mind boggling. Kudo's to them for pulling it off.
Tom, Charleston

I stopped by last night just to see what it takes to put on a quality show like this on each week. I was simply AMAZED at the amount of preparation, planning, and yes... panicking that goes on behind the scenes. But somewhere amongst the stumbling, fumbling, & wires... the on air switch goes on and there is a transformation.... and somehow... another great Air Show is produced, Well done!
Hip-Shot, Atlanta

Thanks for a terrific radio station! XM WISHES it could have a station half a good.
Chris, USA

Just stumbled across your site after searching RC aircraft through Google... I thought good music like this was long gone into history! Thanks for giving me something new to listen to. Thanks!
James, UK

RC Radio, how cool! I love it and will be telling my friends
Daniel, USA

Love the tunes and look forward the live shows.
Brian, USA

Itís about time! What a great idea, I love the music you are playing and can listen while I work. Iíll donate a few bucks because I like what you are doing.
Anthony, Sidney

Love the music, How about some shows to help us beginners understand Electric? Cool logo got any stickers?
Dennis USA

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Rick Daugherty made a donation and RCRN is thankful for the support!

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