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Show aired at 8:30 PM EST 01-26-10 and we reviewed World news, as wellas the latest Rc and Non RC products on the market. We will also had a great chat with SuperFly RC company President Jeff Williams or as most know him "Tram". Down load or subscribe to the PodCast and see all of the photos as well as great audio of the discussions we had.

SuperFly RC was founded in 2002 and is a home grown American based company and has since developed many planes including the SuperFly and HyperFlea. Delta wings are durable alternatives to built planes. With speeds range from ultra-slow to fast with unlimited vertical power there is a SuperFly wing for everyone!

SuperFly planes are made from CNC cut high quality EPP foam right here in the USA.

SuperFly RC planes are constructed almost entirely out of Expanded Polypropylene foam (EPP) with no internal spars or covering. The majority of EPP in today's market is used in automobile bumpers. That should tell you just how tough it really is. Unlike conventional foam, EPP can be bent, folded, twisted, and it will return to its normal shape. EPP can break but it is easy to repair with Hot Glue.

Other topics discussed
State of the Union address postponed just for RCRN
New Space Port at Cecial Field in Fla
Amazing colored Ice Burgs
Music reviews on RCRN and cool new music iPod applications
First ever Blue Max WW1 Competition at Fantasy of Flight in Fla
San Felacso Hand Launch Competition feb 19th
Soaring Society of America (SSA) convention
RCRN to broadcast live at Toledo 2010
Seff 2010 registration open
Several cool new websites
The new 789 Chevy (you have to see the photos)
NASAs new Personal Flying Suit
Sig ARF's
Futaba $10 Receiver giveaway
New DVD from Higher Plane and Andrew Jesky
Car Racing at Hobby Lobby
Electric Flyer magazine
New Xoar prps and more.

Show run time 1 hour 28 min

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