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This show aired at 8:30 PM EST on February 23rd and we reviewed the latest RC products and world events dealing with Radio Control and we had a very special guest to join us.

AMA Hall of Fame member Jerry Smith joined us in the studio and we discussed his endevors and accomplishments in RC and other industries.

Jerry first saw the light of day in 1925 in St. Joseph, Michigan. he says was born breech next to the jailhouse, and was followed by a twin fifteen minutes later who came out the normal way (and still lives in the state.) At the time, his granddaddy was the Sheriff and his dad was a Deputy Sheriff and he thinks that adequately explains is sudden arrival in this world!

Jerrys interest in RC started in 1935, and since that time he has seen and done it all. Jerry worked on some of the worlds first UAV’s back in 1956 at Bendix before UAV’s were cool. In 1951, Jerry went to work with Bendix Aerospace in Mishawaka, Indiana and was in on the ground floor designing a Navy SAM Missile named Talos. The late Carl Goldberg was Jerrys mentor, and he built a few of his airplanes when the profit from his paper route would permit. Later in life Jerry was responsible for many designs that came out of Lanier RC when he worked there doing CAD work.

In 1974, Don Dewey, publisher of Radio Control Modeler magazine tapped Jerry to come on staff where he wrote and illustrated the For What It’s Worth column. For some 30 years, he was on the RCM staff as an associate editor, writing and illustrating the column, drawing plans and writing articles until the final issue in June of 2003. Jerry has been now an author and reporter for most all of the hobbies magazines and we look forward to having him on Air Show next week.

Other things we discussed
Many Thanks to the RCRN crew and the other friends that have allowed us to produce the first 11 episodes of Air Show. These folks include
Anton Roolaart who owns Prog Rock Radio
Frank Ruopoli Artist extraordinaire
Kevin Cook the Nuclear Silo Man
Studio Staff, Larry Towner, David Roberts, Greg Ledford
Dlg Glider Contest in Fla
Very cool Weather site
Tech Tip Segment showcased
Switch and charging Jack
Twisted Servo Leads Trick
Letters from Listners, Club announcements, Cool new live video feed and more

Show run time about 1 hour 32 min

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