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This show aired at 8:30 PM EST on March 16th. We will reviewed the latest RC products and world events dealing with Radio Control.

We had an in depth conversation and some real fun as we discussed the Southeast Electric Fliht Festival (SEFF).

As most of you know SEFF is the largest gathering of Electric flight in the world and the 2010 event is highly anticipated. Jeff Meyers, the Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) event coordinator visits with us along with Ernie Schlumberger and Rick Vaughn who are Co-CD's for the SEFF event with Rick being live in the studio.

In a previous Air Show we talked about the history of the event, when it started it's community outreach programs . A lot of specifics about past events, the staff and operational requirements that are needed to host 500 pilots for a world class event.

During this Episode we discussed more specifics including, how to plan for the 2010 event, the LMR sailplane contest, the now famious SEFF beer recently named "Kilowatt Wit". Also when to arrive, where to park, what supplies to bring, the field layout, the local town, onsite vendors and so much more. .

Also during this show the Air show tips and tricks studio team continued to share as we talk about and demonstrate the latest RC products and ideas.

This was a very interactive show and generated some excitement. It was good to hear from many of you during the show via our chat and call in phone lines and the community discussion board is still open for questionsof our panel of experts and especially Jeff, Ernie and Rick.

Other things mentioned
DEMO How to cut precision 45 degree angles in foam
DEMO Mercury M100XF High Performance CA
Weak Signals Toledo Expo
SEFF Procedures
Spilled the beans on a big SEFF concert Sat Night
The making of SEFF Kilowatt Wit
SEFF Community involvement with the Fuller Center

Show run time about 1 hour 30 Min

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