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This show aired on September 28th at 8:30 PM EST.

This week the RC Radio Network was pleased to have Paul Naton from Radio Carbon Art join us live on Air Show.

The Air Show team had a fun time talking to Paul with the program revolving around Radio Carbon Arts line of educational and entertainment DVDs. Our show was very interactive featuring streaming video, live chat and our unique image push technology so you could be part of the action. We also covered a lot of breaking RC news and announced our new contest see more below.

Enter to Win the New Parkzone Radian Pro. No purchase necessary for your chance at a Bind N Fly or Plug N Play version of this new aircraft. Click the image to enter.

Show run time scheduled at a little over 1 hour 15 min

This show covered a lot of ground and some of the extras are listed below
Billy Hell Does American Pickers
SEFF dates Flip Flop back to Spring
Radio Carbon Art all about Soaring DVDs
Check out all of the FREE Soaring Videos Paul has available
Radio Carbon Art Pod cast and Glide Fast Blog are here.
Mercury Adhesives Website, Primary sponsor of the RC Radio Network.
Krud Kutter RCRN Sponsor and a really great product for your home and planes!
Cyborg Frogs
RCRN on the Social Networking scene
New RCRN Radio Pro Giveaway

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